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Jim Suzio Sewing

Welcome to
Jim's Sewing Studio!


Welcome to the beginnings of the Suzio sewing page... like most of what is in our sewing room, it is a work in progress! Watch for pictures, sewing tips, upcoming classes, and embroidery designs! Perhaps Isadora, the sewing cat will make an occasional appearance.... James David Suzio is an independent educational consultant and motivational sewing speaker.  Jim is a self-taught sewer, having never taken a class in sewing (not even High school Home Ec.). He has been sewing for ten + years, taught completely through books, videos, and trial and error. His award-winning artistic capabilities are evident in some of his more lavish creations,  his "Movie Star Knock-Offs." . Some of his more notable creations include three jackets, which have been featured in Husqvarna/Viking print ads, as well as two reversible cutwork jackets designed  for Sue Hausmann. Jim's teaching skills have taken him all across America as well as Canada and Australia.  Being well versed in embroidery software, Jim has expanded his skills by creating his own line of Embroidery Designs.  Jim has also taught at numerous "Martha Pullen Sew Beautiful Heirlooms Schools."  Several of his best tips have been included in the book, "The Ultimate Serger Answer Guide", as well as "Serger Update," Martha Pullen's "Making Memories," Sulky's "Sulky's Secrets to Successful Stabilizers," and in several of the companion books to the PBS series, "America Sews with Sue Hausmann",  which Jim has been a guest on several occasions.  His creation, "Tin Punch Embroidery" was a cover item for "Sew News Magazine."  His newest line of embroidery designs, the "Fringe Benefits" series have been featured on several television programs, as well in magazines.  Be sure to check back, as more design collections are on their way!!

Jim's Serger Jacket, featured in several national and international magazine ads.


Jim and "Friends" during his first trip in Australia.

Jim and his new friend Liam at "Lone Pines"

See pictures of a few of Jim's creations as well as the newest in the "Knock Off" collection of recreations of gowns of the stars. And visit some of our favorite places! And oh yes....Jim's daughter Meri has her page as well !!!

Jim's first "Live" television appearance..........
........on the set of the "Big Breakfast" show in Canada

Cat in needlepoint; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Entertainment & Sewing Education all in one!
Jim with Sue Hausmann at the first Sew Beautiful Martha Pullen Heirlooms with Husqvarna Viking School at Amy Baughmann Sewing Center in New Brighton, PA.


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